Friday, 2 December 2011

[Hunt] Peace On Earth Hunt 4

Peace on Earth Hunt, organized by Sequoia Nightfire, started yesterday its 4th edition! It's one of the biggest and most famous hunts in Second Life. The brands involved are more than 200 and the item you're looking for is a globe. Usually POE designers are not mean and the globes rather easy to find. You may also find on the ground some white doves that point you the right path.
Slurs and hints are on the official blog.

Due to RL and technical issues, it's getting harder and harder to me taking more than a pic per post, so please be patient and I'll try to do my best.

Here's a first small selection of prizes! I'll be back with more!

Skin: RockberryApple/POE4/Light/FRX - it comes in 4 tones, each with and without freckles and cleavage
Jewelry: Elemental Jewelry - Peace On Earth 4 Necklace for Women + Poinsettia Earrings
Gown: Sascha's DesignsRoodvosje Gold
Pose: Adorkable Poses - Ice

POE - Rockberry - Sascha - Adorkable - Elemental

Other credits: 
Hair: Exile (50L retiring sale)
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: [glow] studio

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