Friday, 9 December 2011

[Event] Dark Magic Winter - Severed Garden

RL is heavy these days, so blogging gets slow. However, I managed to pay a quick visit to Dark Magic Winter, the event run by ZombiePopcorn from December the 1st to December the 15th. The place is simply amazing, actually conveying the magic and fantasy mood, it's worth a visit just for itself, and the participating stores are the cream of the crop, each with a special release for the event and some of their best selling products.

I'm wearing the beautiful outfit from Severed Garden, Cloe, which is available only at Dark Magic Winter, together with Orion hair (MESH!) from Wasabi Pills, that you can purchase at the event as well, although it's not their special release (absolutely worth too but I couldn't find the time to take another pic for this post).

Outfit: Severed Garden @ Dark Magic Winter - Cloe
Hair: Wasabi Pills @ Dark Magic Winter (for your convenience) - Orion in Black Coffee - MESH

Severed Garden - Cloe - Dark Magic Winter

Other credits:
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Eyelashes: [glow] studio
Pose: (pda)

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