Monday, 4 April 2011

Project FUR Japan

I have two cats, Merlin and Madam Mim (yes, like the Sword in the Stone characters).
I live in a big city, and during my childhood I had never had any animal. So, when my family decided to adopt a kitten, I was confused and I wasn't sure about my feelings. I said okay, but I don't want him to jump on my bed and such things.
Now, Merlin sleeps with me, purring all the time. And sometimes, when she doesn't sleep in my mother's room, Madam Mim joins him laying on my pillow, just above my head.
This is just a very small sample about how a furry ball can change your life. And that is why I couldn't overlook an event dedicated to them.

Project FUR Japan is a fund raiser for the animals that lost their human friends during the tragic earthquake and tsunami. You will find all the technical info, including the first receipt of the donation, on the official blog. I will share only this video, that touched half world...I had already watched it before the news of the SL event reached me. See how loyal and caring our furry friends can be.

EDIT: I messed up the codes of the videos @_@ This is the video I meant to show you. No need to speak Japanese to understand what is happening: a dog is bringing the people to rescue his hurt friend.

This one is instead the video made for the Project FUR Japan. Remember me I shouldn't blog stuff during the night!

I want to show you some items I got at the Project FUR Japan! 100% profit is going to the charity.
Usually, green is not my colour at all...but some designers persuaded me to buy their beautiful products!

Top: So Many Styles - Lace Tshirt Mint - 150L
Pants: Concrete Flowers - Tweed Pants Forest - 77L
Neck Pouch: Concrete Flowers - Neck Pouch Moss - 139L
Shoes: Concrete Flowers - Flidais Flat Moss - 99L

Project FUR Japan Look 01

Kimono: Sassy Kitty Designs - Sassy Kimono White - 120L
Dog: Hazard Kitty - Shiba Inu - 150L

Project FUR Japan Look 02

Other credits
Skin: TheObscene
Eyes: Pulse
Lashes, earrings, bangles & nails: je suis...
Hair: Exile @ TDR blue, 60L
Shoes: YourSkin & YourShape, old TDR item, other colours available in store.

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