Friday, 25 May 2012

Debbie Comes From Al Vulo!

Weather is getting hot again and, as usual, I'm having overheating problems. 
I have a lot of stuff to blog but I'll do it slowly and with short posts: beside not having the same amount of online time I used to, my PC can handle only a limited inworld time without going close to melt. 
Please be patient! 

Today I want to share with you the beautiful Debbie from Al Vulo!, in the Butter shade. 
It's one of the most recent Al Vulo!'s faces, coming in several make ups and with a lot of options on tattoo layer. Enjoy! 

(Pics are not postprocessed, shot using the Windlight "Nam's Optimal Skin 2) 

Al Vulo - Debbie Butter

Other credits
Hair: Exile
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Flower: Severed Garden (part of an outfit to be blogged soon)

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