Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Fallen Gods Inc, Elvenbreath, PETITES

First of all, an amazing news about Fantasy Faire 2012: it has been postponed till April the 10th, so you can enjoy another Monday of great roleplay shopping.

Today I want to feature again the world of PETITEs, with two great creations for the lovely mesh avatars.

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc @ FF 2012 - Dove Translucent - 1000L *donation item*
The skin, Feather, is available for regular avatars as well, in 3 shades: Dove, Hawk and Raven, all on the donation boards.

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Fallen Gods Inc - Feather Dove PETITE

Outfit: Elvenbreath @ FF 1012 - Little Jeannie - 350L *donation item*

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Elvenbreath - Petite

Other credits: 
Skin&Body: Yabusaka, Fallen Gods Inc (MESH)
Hair: Wasabi Pills (MESH)
Wings: Material Squirrel
Poses: Glitterati, I <3 Posey

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