Sunday, 19 June 2011

My New Quest

During these crazy days I started the Quest for the perfect viewer, but none that is currently available is able to make me totally happy. I usually log in with Phoenix, but with all the new features offered by the Viewer 2 code (as well as some other kind of problems), I'm not satisfied anymore and I'm looking for something else.
I think I tried almost everything available and I'm still not satisfied, so I decided to open a JIRA for the upcoming Firestorm to point a feature I loved a lot in Phoenix and that I think could be useful and interesting for all those who take pics in Second Life: the two little arrows that allow you to switch to the next or to the previous sky without having to select them manually one by one. Hopefully it will be considered if it's popular, so if you think it's something you would like too, feel free to comment and spread the voice! Check it out here!

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